For the last 10 years we have been dealing with both collectors and consumers of whiskey. However we are seeing more and more people becoming familiar with whiskey as an investment proposition.

We moved into servicing the growing demand for those looking to invest in whiskey organically and using our years of experience and industry contacts we help facilitate the sale of casks and bottles to collectors and investors. 

The whiskey business is hundreds of years old and Scotland is regarded as the King of Whiskey, without much dispute, it has to be said. However whiskey is now a global industry both in terms of consumption and production. Scotland now has over 138 distillers, Ireland boasts a huge increase in the number of new distilleries also as does Japan and the US. The same can also be said for the emerging markets such as India, England, Sweden and New Zealand to name a few. It is no wonder that people are now looking to buy a piece of liquid gold from their favourite distilleries. 

Since whiskey was named as the top luxury asset to invest in 2018 and was reported to show the most the most growth of any other asset class the interest in whiskey has exploded. We have seen this for both cask and bottles and the returns at the moment are likely to out-weigh most stocks and shares which is also a reason people are diversifying their portfolio. 

At Tomoka Fine and Rare we seek to find out what our clients requirements are and their reasons for buying into whiskey, we then tailor make a portfolio that fit their goals. This could be looking at casks, bottles or both, it could old scotch or young whiskey from a new distillery. Our aim is to make your journey into whiskey investments easy, fun and pain free.

As a leading retailer we can find some great bottles and casks that you could to add to your collection of whiskey. Investing in whisky can be quite tricky and so it is vital to have a trusted company that can help with your investment portfolio. We setup Tomoka Fine and Rare investment arm to do just that. Why not talk to us about how we can assist your move into whiskey investments. 

If nothing else you will have some great whiskey to drink!


Download our brochure to learn more and arrange a call from one of our experts to see how we can add whiskey to your portfolio. 

  • Bottle investments

    The interest into bottles has boomed since the KFLI report in 2018 advised that bottled scotch whisky had risen by 564% in the last 10 years and was the best performing asset luxury class. 

    Coupled with the fact that a bottle of Macallan 1926 sold for over £1.5 million in 2019 really help solidify whiskey as a great investable product.

    Investing and collecting bottles has definitely become more prominent in people portfolios and the returns we are seeing in the market seem to show why. 

    Tomoka Fine and Rare will help guide you through the world of bottle investments and help you fins the right ones for your collection

    To learn more about bottle investments download our brochure. 



  • Cask investments

    Investing into casks is fairly new for most people. It can be complicated and you really need to fully understand all the pitfalls and pros & cons before getting into it. 

    Cask whiskey is a unique asset class as its an appreciating commodity. Whilst whiskey is in the cask it ages and the longer it matures the more it develops and with age comes value. Only around 8% -9% of whiskey is used for single malt in Scotland, the rest goes into blended whiskey so having aged whiskey in cask seems to be a prudent addition to ones portfolio.

    Download the brochure to learn more about cask whiskey investments.


  • Example Portfolio

    As retailers we have have help source bottles for people to enjoy but along the way we have helped people interested in collecting whiskey find the right bottles. We have put together an example portfolio to show a real bottle investment and the returns that can be seen.