Do you ship Internationally

Currently we do not ship internationally via our website.

how long does delivery take?

We aim to pack orders within 1 business day. Orders are then sent by your chosen method.

what are our opening hours?

Our retail shop is open Mon-Fri 11am-6pm. Please note we quite regularly take meetings with potential Investors in store or give tours of shop so if the door locked, just simply call our landline and we will let you in.

An item is not listed, can you source it?

This depends if its available from one of our distributors. We will always endeavour to help as much we can to source a particular bottle. Just drop us a line and let us know your request, or get on touch via contact us page.

Can I book a private tasting for just my me and my colleagues?

Yes of course. Take a look at our tasting page for further info and use the contact us page to request a quote and check date availability.

Do I need to have experience to Invest with you?

No not at all. Our goal to help any potential investors into the market safely and hold your hand through the process from buying in to selling out.

Do I need a storage room or clear to keep Whisky?

No, Whisky is not like wine and is easier to look after. You do not need to Lie them down. Simply at room temp away from direct sunlight is all you need to worry about. Many clients like to keep them on display to show them off or some clients prefer to store them with us in our vault at Tomoka. You will be asked your preferred choice at the point of investment.